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Hindu Raksha Dal launches scathing attack on Vivek Oberoi for comparing himself with an 'Angrezi' actor

13, Jan 2014 By indianguy

When Vivek Oberoi went on comparing himself with Hollywood sensation Heath Ledger (A.K.A “Joker”), it seemed like nobody cared. But now, the actor should at least be happy that somebody has taken his statement seriously. Unfortunately enough (for the actor), it’s Hindu Raksha Dal who has found this whole episode ‘totally disgusting’.

Terrified Vivek.

When our reporter approached a local leader of HRD regarding the issue, he was quoted as saying: “This is ridiculous. How can some Indian actor compare himself with an Angrezi Babu? This will send a very wrong message that Indians see foreigners as benchmarks. This irresponsible behaviour won’t be tolerated under any circumstances. Our organization has always stood up for crucial causes like this (!), and we will not back off till the actor issues unconditional apology.”

Another leader went personal with Mr. Oberoi, saying even a second-class actor (like Vivek) who is not in the spotlight can not get away with making such senseless statement. When the leader was asked to express his views about Mr. Heath Ledger, he replied: “I think he is an Angrezi actor. I don’t want to say anything else. Don’t ask me anything more, else my Dal will ransack your office as well!”. Well, that’s where the interview concluded. Good news is, our reporter came back safe and sound.

It is believed that few enthusiastic HRD supporters even tried to attack Oberoi’s house, but nobody knew where exactly he lives, and so they had to drop the plan. They were then planning to attack Oberoi Hotel (for obvious reasons), but somebody told them that the hotel is guarded by armed personnel who ‘don’t arrest, directly kill’. So even that plan was called off.

All eyes are on Vivek Oberoi now, with many B-town gossipers believing the actor would come out with an unconditional apology. When we tried to contact Vivek, all he said was: “Why so serious?”