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'Happy New Year' has the potential of becoming India's best senseless and brainless movie: Farah Khan

03, Sep 2014 By sapra_kalakaar

Mumbai. In a not so surprising  incidence, Farah Khan’s confidence is again creating mental fear in the country where people are waiting (helplessly) for the release of her next film “Happy New Year”  which is releasing this Diwali.

The most distressed are her family members  Shirish Kunder and Sajid Khan, who have earlier  claimed their movie to be the best in this category.

“I am the best”

Recently, when Faking News reporter Babu Bhai approached Farah Khan for an interview, she happily agreed to divulge some critical information about her film, but only on Skype and not face-to-face.

“After ‘Tees Maar Khan’, I have decided to take full security measures before any interview for my film and I felt Skype was the best option available. Even if reporter throws mike or camera on me, while listening to my senseless and brainless sense of humour, it will only hit their computer screen and my safety will be preserved,” clarified Farah.

She further added that all the action sequences, heist and robbery scene in her film were directly lifted from some famous Hollywood films, whose DVD she has secretly stolen from Sajid Khan’s DVD library. So there won’t be any stress on viewer’s brain to think about the originality thus making the film complete brainless.

Shirish Kunder, her husband,  is in the state of shock and still could not believe his wife’s statement.

“When I made  ‘Joker’, Ram Gopal Varma was the only person who dared to see this movie twice in theatre, to understand any single scene of it, but he failed and decided to quit making films. I thought I created a history but Sajid Khan laughed at me and warned me that he could do even worse. He succeeded in his promise and made Humshakals’. This was the beginning of rivalry in the family but I kept quite. And, now after Farah’s statement I am quite sure that this rivalry will affect our movie making skills, and I have to start it again from the scratch to defeat the skills of these brother-sister duo”, fumes Shirish in a state of anger. Sources claims that he has already started working on the script of ‘Joker-2’, to take the revenge.

Sajid Khan, the self proclaimed best director of the country, also reacted strongly on his sister’s claims.

“How can a person on the Earth has more knowledge of cinema than me? I am a Mithun Chakravarty fan and watched all his movies 100,000 times to understand the craft of film making. Even today I watch his cult classic ‘Gunda thrice a day, to figure out the sensibilities of the absurd characters. ‘Humshakals’ was the result of my great intensive research and I made the best senseless and brainless film of the world. But, Farah has broken my heart with her statement. I could have smelt it long back when  she was the only sensible person present in the theatre who laughed continuously during the screening of  Humshakals, where even Archana Puran Singh and Siddhu Pa Ji sat dead silent,” screamed Sajidon phone.

Faking news reporter immediately disconnected the phone as soon as Sajid said,”I will be back with a vengeance and my new film will star Chunkey Pandey in lead role…”.

Meanwhile, after this news became public, Farah Khan’s children Czar, Diva and Anya have stopped going to their schools for unknown reasons.