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Hanging Nirbhaya rapists would be death of manhood: Shakti Kapoor

03, Aug 2015 By Freeriding Sid

MUMBAI. Rapist Actor Shakti Kapoor stirred another controversy by tweeting about the impending hanging of the Nirbhaya rapists. The actor claims that killing these or any other rapists would be an attack on manhood and everything associated with the idea of our peaceful patriarchal society. The actor had earlier met the the rapists in Tihar Jail and described them as good innocent men who have changed after the horrific incident of 2012.

Shakti Kapoor right outside the Tihar Jail
Shakti Kapoor right outside the Tihar Jail

The defense lawyers in the case have already welcomed the support their clients are getting from Mr Kapoor. One of the lawyers – Mr Sharma, told fakingnews that he was expecting such support from Bollywood and is happy that it has finally arrived.

Although isolated today, Shakti Kapoor claims that he will get support from few other out of work actors as the impending hanging date draws near. Once the hanging dates are finalized, we will launch a massive agitation campaign involving stalkers, rapists, masochists from across the nation. Mr Kapoor hopes to get strong political backing from political parties who want to establish stalkers and rapists as a firm political vote bank.