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'Hafte mein chaar shanivaar' song offends people

15, Jul 2015 By tusharads

‘Hafte mein chaar shanivaar hone chahiye’ song has been all over the radio ad TV. This Abhishek Bacchan movie song is foot tapping and lot of youngsters are enjoying it.

But some sections of society has taken offense to this song and want to get it banned.

This reporter got to speak with Pareshan Udhas who is offended. Pareshan Udhas has his valid reasons. He works for Indian company which operates on Saturdays till 6.00 p.m. This song gives him a feel as if someone is rubbing salt on his wounds.

Pareshan says, “while my friends who work for MNC get Saturdays off and they have friday plans in place. I give them blank stare  when they ask me ‘wats your friday plan, dude?’. They will get 4 saturdays off while I will be working 4 Saturdays”.

Lets hope that the lyrics get changed and it says ‘Hafte mein chaar ravivaar hone chahiye’.