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Guy clears entrance exam without any coaching;Results to be withheld by UPSC: May be debarred from giving any other exam in future

13, Jan 2016 By gabehcuod

Mumbai. In what may be called as a one of a kind event Ramu aged 17 sent the UPSC officials into a state of shock by cracking an entrance exam in his very first attempt and that too without any help from a coaching center.

Stressed Ramu after clearing his UPSC exams in first attempt itself.
Stressed Ramu after clearing his UPSC exams in first attempt itself.

This crime on part of Ramu has induced the board to revise of raising the standards of the exams again.”You see this can’t be happening, it’s simply impossible. We at board try to set our papers at a level that no Tarun, Deepak or Hari can’t clear it easily but this guy managed to do so in his very first attempt. There’s clearly something else going on. Cancelling his results and blacklisting him is the only thing we can do so we’ve decided to lodge an FIR against him”, told a high ranking official at UPSC to our FN reporter on the conditions of anonymity and a certain amount of bribe. The police on the other hand was successful in gaining hold of Ramu at Bhindi Bazar where he was committing another crime of running an errand for his mother.

However no official statement has been issued from the police, Ramu was already on the radar of security agencies when he deactivated his accounts from social media to prepare for his exams if rumors are to be believed. Currently Ramu is in police custody where he is expected to go through a Level 5 interrogation, rest assured the Police will have the truth in no time.