Thursday, 22nd March, 2018

Gutthi to stand for position of King in coming elections

14, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

After quitting the popular comedy show on a not-so-colourful channel, Gutthi, the gender-bender breed between man and hair, has decided to stand for the position of King of India.

This, he feels, will give him a hike in pay package and afford his 100 square feet mansion in Lokhandwala of Kandivali. Fighting the fanfare of Modi, Gandhi and KRK, and despite the absence of such a position in an undeniably fair, just and honest democracy of ours, Sunil Grover is pumped up to reign over the country as King.

King Gutthi, as he allegedly calls it, may not go down too well with his male lovers who possess a straight orientation. They would want it to be Queen Gutthi or Queen Guccha (haath ke baalon ka). Either ways, with the amount of FB statuses and cries all over social media, the public will stop caring about rising onion prices, oil prices, petrol prices, Antila building’s height, Arindham Chowdhury’s con tactics, so on and so forth.

The clout he has generated can very well substantiate the post he is opting for. Unfortunately this post is not for a government job vacancy. It’s for King. So you need to be as dashing as Prince William’s dandruff on his left nut. Otherwise, the milkman overtakes the race.

Race baalon ki, Race rajaon ki, ‘Raja Ko Rani Se Pyaar Ho Gaya’ is on my mind.

Kapil Sharma was allegedly found cracking a joke on Sunil Grover’s hike in pay package. Little did he know the joke was on him. Ha Ha Ha. Who’s laughing now, Hakuna matata ki paidaish?