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'Gutthi' to get NCW support

09, Dec 2013 By marmadukechomya

New Delhi: In a boost to the fight against Colors channel, ‘Gutthi’ will now get support from the National Commission for Women [NCW], Ms Mamta Sharma, Chairperson – NCW, announced at a press conference earlier today.

People are missing sensationally ugly Gutthi on the show.
People are missing sensationally ugly Gutthi on the show.

‘What Gutthi has had to suffer is a sad indicator of how women are treated in India today. No one has the right to stop a woman from going where she wants, and doing whatever she wants’ Ms Sharma thundered. ‘This coercion and unlawful restraint is illegal. Would Gutthi be treated this way if she were a man?’ she added.

‘Gutthi’ and Colors channel are embroiled in a legal battle over the former quitting the show ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’ and attempting to move to a competing television channel.

Ms Sharma also hinted towards sexual harassment at the hands of the lead actor, Kapil Sharma, contributing to Gutthi’s decision to leave the show. “My sources from the set have told me that Kapil would call Gutthi to his vanity van at odd hours and remain inside alone with her. Also, often, he would keep his hand on Gutthi’s shoulder and touch her inappropriately. I will request the President to set up an enquiry against this. Such behaviour is outrageous. Does this Kapil Sharma not have mothers and sisters at his home, shamelessly molesting an Indian woman in full public view?”

On being informed that ‘Gutthi’ was just a character being essayed by the actor Sunil Grover, Ms Sharma dismissed it as a diversionary tactic by the channel. “You think Ranbir Kapoor, Hrithik Roshan, Imran Khan, Ajay Dvgan are gays? Or that they are so stupid that they would not know if the woman they were flirting with, kissing and dancing with on the show was a man?”

All actors remained unavailable for comment. Colors channel declined to comment and issued a statement, “We are an equal gender employer. Women hold key posts in our organization. Just watch Big Boss – equal number of men and women have been winners in the last six seasons – 3 men and 3. In fact, we have decided that Andy will be the winner in season 7 so that we can maintain that record, making it 3.5 men and 3.5 women winners.”