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Govt pushes for International Kamasutra Day, declares Sunny Leone as Brand Ambassador

26, Jun 2015 By Qais

New Delhi: After pushing the world for int’l Yoga day the Modi Govt. is planning to impel UN for Int’l Kamasutra Day. Kamasutra is an Sanskrit word which means Principles (Sutra) of Sex (Kama). Ancient Indian author Vātsyāyana had written Kamasutra which comprises various secrets to sex including multiple sex position and types of sex. It is considered as Bible of Sex around the world and the book has been translated into many languages. India is considered to be place of invention of “art of sex”.

When the people of world used to roam nude the saints of India had written Vedas and many literature books which are still relevant. Kamasutra is one of them which describes about sex life. The same has been found on wall paintings at many archeological sites like Ajanta-Ellora and Harappa-Mohenjo Daro etc.

In the current era the indian porn actress Sunny Leone is considered the Goddess of sex. Sunny has worked in many porn films under multiple production houses and has won multiple awards like XBIZ and AVN year of the girl.

Sunny Leone
Sunny Leone (caption couldn’t be completed)

Addressing a press release the Joint Secretary, Ministry of Culture said, “We thank UN and all countries of the world to celebrate International day of Yoga on 21 June, it was great to see the beautiful pictures around the globe and PM Narendra Modi has himself RTed many of them. Next, the union government has decided to push UN and world for declaring 21 December as the International Kamasutra Day. India is known as the place of Kama (Sex) knowledge and world got to know about sex only after reading the holy book of sex “The Kamasutra”. Ministry is pleased to announce Mrs. Sunny Leone as the brand ambassador for the program. She is a beautiful lady and the goddess of sex should be and considering her experience in the area and track record the ministry of council has declared her the brand ambassador unanimously.”

As soon as the news appeared on media channels the social media took swift reaction on it. #YoSunnySoHorny claimed rank one in India within an hour with 696K tweets on the trend till now. “@SunnyLeone is perfect for brand ambassador, after all she is average of Ayesha Takia and Sonam Kapoor,” reads a tweet from @KamaalRKhan. Another user @LG_Qais tweeted, “Hope @SunnyLeone will give her best at this job as well, the same way she gives best on other jobs too…I am talking about acting…don’t BLOW up ur dirty minds…”

Facebook users posted funny pictures and videos from her bollywood and porn movies. Nikhil Chinapa who has co-anchored MTV Splitsvilla with Sunny Leone posted on his wall, “She is hot, gorgeous, beautiful, intelligent and smart. What else you need to be the brand ambassador, I hope she will raise the bar high…Oh I missed, she has won many porn industry awards and has huge experience in sex, she beats everyone else in India on this parameter…She would have tried all the styles, I am sure she would know more styles than Vātsyāyana himself knew…She is best candidate for this.”

The news resulted into catfight among Rakhi Sawant, Sherlyn Chopra and Poonam Pandey. Rakhi Sawant talked to “Zee-ETC” and showed her anger, “I am virgin till now, how did the government dare to declare a porn actress as brand ambassador for Kamasutra Day. They should have declared a person who has clean image like me still knows ins and outs of this business. I am very sad due to this decision and I have sought an appointment with PM Narendra Modi tomorrow to claim my candidature for brand ambassador. I am told that he is a nice & unmarried man who helps anyone with whom injustice has happened, I have been betrayed by government and I hope the king will do justice to me.” Kamasutra 3D fame Sherlyn Chopra also joined the battle.

She told to NDTVMovies, “My movie Kamasutra 3D is on floor and will release by year end. How can they miss a person who has worked in the movie itself. I am trying my best to spread the knowledge on Kamasutra around the world by my movie and acting. But you understand the reason of ‘brain drain’ in India when such bullshits happen to you. You see the lead actress of Kamasutra 3D who is an Indian is ignored as brand ambassador. Government has preferred a non-Indian over an Indian, excellent Make-In-India. A porn actress who not even read Kamasutra will be brand ambassador now…matter of shame for Indians”.

Twitter queen Poonam Pandey used her twitter handle to join the war. She tweeted a series of tweets and hot photos. She registered her rage claiming her recent activities. “Do you know the reason India reached Semis in WC final? It’s Poonam Pandey. I have joined almost all activities which support India and Sex but still it’s very sad that I was ignored. You must have watched my Yoga video, it has crossed 2M view counter on Youtube in just two days. Even Modi’s video doing Yoga couldn’t fetch so many views. And still if you ignore such a talent then you will have condom bursted right inside there. It’s #PoonamPandey’sCurse”

Insider news revealed that first the ministry suggested renowned actress and MP Rekha’s name for this but she refused. On other side Sunny compromised to lobby for the post as she is losing her charm in Bollywood. Her recent films have been flopped and this might push her career, that too without using a pushup bra. While speaking to reporters in Mumbai SunnyLeone said, “I thank government, ministers, PM to allow me to serve country in a new avatar. Sex is a taboo in India, here everyone is f**ked up either by boss or by wife or by GF or by life but still sex is taboo, surprising. My first priority will be to put sex back into Indian’s life. They should not treat it as private anymore. I thank my husband and many other fans out there who stood with me all the time. (she takes her tongue out and chuckles) :P”

Fans of many leading Bollywood actress came in support of ladies and vowed why ministry ignore the actress. Few names in race were Mallika Sherawat, Malaika Arora Khan and Ayesha Takia. Other B-Town ladies felt sigh of relief for the first time in life for not being in the race for this post.

We all know how dedicated Baba Ramdev is working as brand ambassador for Yoga but the country is confused what will be the role of Sunny Leone as brand ambassador if UN accepts India’s demand, which is likely to happen considering India’s current strong position and Modi’s international influence. Our fingers are crossed for the declaration of this day.

DISCLAIMER: We didn’t use word “finger” intentionally here in above sentence.