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Government to protect endangered species living in Bigg Boss House

20, Oct 2012 By ControlZ

After a series of depressing news, the Government has decided to cheer up all Indian Citizens with a pleasant decision that they took within a couple of hours. The Govt. has decided to protect the contestants of Bigg Boss from going extinct, terming them as “endangered species”.

But, as usual, this decision by the Govt. has been hugely influenced by the former Finance Minister and present President of India, Mr. Pranab Mukherjee.

“When I was the Finance Minister, I never used to get time to watch the TV. But, now that I am not involved in any major decision-making job, so I decided to watch TV last evening. I switched on the TV, and suddenly, I could hear continuous sound of “beep” sandwiched between few words. I couldn’t take it, and decided to change the channel. But, I could not find my remote. Apparently, Prathiba Tai has taken it with her while leaving. But, then the beep sound went off and I managed to watch the whole show” said Pranab Da referring to some brawl going on Bigg Boss.

He added “What I noticed on this show was that, these people looked like us, but behaved completely different, as if they were from some different planet, or were trained to do so. I quickly Google’d these symptoms, but could not find any specific disease pertaining to this. That’s when I decided to call up Sonia Madam, and asked her to declare these people as “endangered species”, as they are rare to find. Sonia Madam quickly accepted my suggestion, as she was also watching the show since past 1 week, with Rahul Baba.”

Faking News contacted the government officials, if they were actually considering this decision seriously.

Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari said “Yes. We have taken this decision in the interest of the country, like we have been doing always. Declaring them as endangered species will benefit our country a lot. Firstly, people will know the immense natural treasure our country has. This will also help our country get a lot of Foreign Tourists, because such species are rare to find anywhere else in the world.”

“I have suggested Sonia Madam to send Rahul baba into the Bigg Boss house, as people like him are also very rare in this country. Also, the probability of him winning this season is very high, as the competition for him will be with people of his caliber, unlike most of the times in the elections” said Digvijaya Singh.

Amidst all this pleasant news, BJP has come all guns blazing on the Congress government’s decision, saying they are trying to malign their image. “Were they sleeping, when so many seasons of Bigg Boss passed by under their governance? They try to take such decisions, only when our party member, Navjot Singh Sidhu, participates in the show. We agree, that people like Sidhu are rare to find, but that doesn’t mean he must be included amongst endangered species.” said BJP spokesperson, Ravi Shankar Prasad.

When asked if Congress is trying to divert the nation’s attention from the recent scam revelations made by Arvind Kejriwal, he said “We are not too sure about it. But this time, it is ok with us!”

Meanwhile, our sources have confirmed, that the Government would conduct this on the lines of “Save the Tiger” campaign, and the tagline would be “Conserve them : 1411 would be too many”.

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