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Government to issue Bollywood Bonds to help Sajid Khan make Himmatwala-3

01, Aug 2013 By zhootareportor

The Government of India has decided to issue Bollywood Bonds on lines of the famous PSU oil bonds. While PSU Bonds have been issued over a period of time to fund deficit of oil companies like BPCL and HPCL , Bollywood Bonds are being issued with a different objective all together. The government has decided to issue these bonds to fund the misadventure of Sajid Khan called as ,’ Himmatwala-3’.

It is pertinent to note that remake of yesteryear’s blockbuster Himmatwala had miserably failed on box office when it was remade by Sajid Khan and had put Sajid Khan in financial crisis. Since then Sajid Khan has been looking forward to support from different quarters. It seems that Digvijay Singh has taken up the matter on behalf of Sajid Khan saying that making of film won’t be a challenge at all as he knows many ,’ Tunch Maal’ who can act as heroine in this movie.

The Reserve Bank of India on behalf of government has agreed that to issue these bonds with the first series of the bond being named as ,’Secular Series01’. While the name given to these bonds is Bollywood Bond, the bonds mature in only 14 days as government is not ready to take long term risk. The coupon paid on these bonds will be movie tickets of Himmatwala-3. The bonds with face value of Rs.500 will carry three tickets as the coupon. These bonds carry a unique medical insurance feature according to which anybody reporting headache, symptoms of nausea after watching the movie can go a government hospital to get himself or herself treated.

On being asked as why government is launching bonds for third remake of the movie, the government spokesperson said that after a series of scams Congress candidates will need lot of Himmat to go to voters and ask them for vote.  After watching this they are expected to get Himmat ( strength) to go to voters and ask them shamelessly for votes. Sajid Khan believes that this time his movie is bound to be a big hit and has thanked government in advance. Congress party has already issued whip to all party workers to watch this movie.