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Government to construct toilets so as to create more space for the movie posters

09, Oct 2014 By Parag Randar

Delhi. To encourage and promote the local movie industry  and development of an endangered form of art, the high command of India has launched a campaign to build large number of public toilets in the country.

For quite some time, the local movie industry in various parts on India were facing a problem with the sales promotion of their movies, their main mode of sales promotion being posters which are generally put on places such as public toilets. The places where they can put their posters have started running out in the recent past and hence there was an urgent need of such places.

Poster of “Humri Bhaisanva Ka Gobar”

One such local movie director said, “Sir, we have been trying to raise this problem since a long time, but all in vain. The government focusses on the Bollywood but leaves locals, devoid of any benefits. Due to the lesser space available for putting our posters on, we have failed terribly with my last movie which was, “Humri Bhaisanva ka Gobar” which starred my own buffalo. I trained her myself  for the role. And since I have gone into loss for the movie, I have settled down for a ordinary mouse for my next movie, “Ratatouille” which is a remake of the Hollywood one. You see, this cycle works in a dangerous way, no promotion-no sales-no budget for next movie, degrading us day by day.”

This complaint was run through the hierarchy until it reached the top command and they understood the graveness of the situation and took steps. The government came out with a plan to build many public urinals across the country so that the local entertainment industry is given a boost by the effective promotion of their shows. This has led to a huge relief to the local film industry who will in the near future find a whole lot of new space to put their posters on.

A work of Toilet Wall Writing (T2W) artist

Also, another reason has surfaced for the building of these large numbers of toilets in the country. The art of T2W (Toilet Wall Writing) is dwindling down on a very large extent.

One of such artist talked to us about this art. He said, “My Art has taught me lot of thing. You have to be very dedicated towards the art. Daily the cleaners of the toilets will come and rub-off your hard work, but you have to come again the very next day and redo your artwork. You have to be quick as you have to hold your breath while performing your art. It is not because of the smell of urinal but because it is a symbol of the fact that you consider your art greater than your life and are ready to sacrifice your life for it. You also have to be witty as to what you should write or draw in different urinal based on their location and area. Sometimes we are approached by top corporates to communicate their secret messages through our art. It’s sad that this art is becoming extent due to the lesser number of toilets available.”

With the government announcing the new movement to increase the number of urinals in the country, T2W artists have rejoiced as as it has provided fuel to the dwindling fire of their art.

While the local movie industry and T2W art have been boosted due to this act of the government, people have found out an additional use, which has come as a bonus, that the Toilets can also be used for human defecation.