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Government puts a ban on stupid reality shows

23, Jul 2014 By ajeeb

A Reality Show
One such show

Yes, this may seem to you as something naïve but NDA government concerning over the future of youths has plans to put a ban over certain stupid TV shows. All reality shows will be bound by certain sets of stringent rules to eradicate the absurdity in them.

Certain attention seeking groups are calling it a political propaganda to keep busy unemployed chaps “This is an evil intention to flip us towards some relevant employment, as we are managing left over AAP internet pages for free. In spite of putting up a fake inked image of our finger, next time we will be casting our vote physically to bring AAP into power,” Sharmeshwar Saxena, an aspiring Sadaki fan claimed with wet eyes.

“Since the past decade there are plenty of reality shows that are hovering around the common masses. Earlier there used to be some alien contestants. But nowadays because of the few successful stories kids have made these shows a part of their profession. This is a complete waste of manpower. Youths are the future of India and they have got be developing their minds not body. These stupid shows have to come to a halt and I am serious about this matter,” addressed Mr. Prakash Javadekar during a press conference.

From its own sources faking news got his hands over a few pages of the rule book that will be governing reality shows from now onwards, they are as follows: 1) No bald person is allowed to create a show. 2) Two bald guys cannot host a show. 3) Even one bald guy is refrained to host a show. 4) Unnecessary and vulgar jobs will not be performed by contestants. 5) Using abusive language to increase TRP of the show is not allowed. 6) People with a history of Plagiarism in the concerned field of the show aren’t allowed to be a judge or host. 7) In a restricted number paid drama queens are allowed.

Sources have confirmed that as soon as this news got wired, many reality shows hosts teamed up with different companies to get their future secured. Meanwhile the so called celebrity stars are now being hysterical, as their celebrity statuses are in complete danger. Now they are destined to look up for a job which might require some level of real intelligence.

There is only one community across our nation which is truly impressed with this particular decision and that is ‘the parents’. Irrespective of anything found on earth parents are much pleased and some of them also whispered about demolishing certain unnecessary channels, especially those of them which are spreading undesired coolness among youths with their catchy blogs and duffer hosts.