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Gobsmacked!British air hails 'Padmawati'

25, Nov 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Gobsmacked! The British’s Censor Board cleared the most controversial film, ‘Padmawati’ without any cuts. The Indian spectators lose the opportunity in the midst of protests and remonstrations. The film has been facing the wrath of the people ever since the unit started its shooting. What a situation: the event of the 13-14th century was penned down in the 16th century which later stormed into controversy in the 21st century. Several different states like Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab, and Gujarat will not allow its screening within its precincts.

If the tourist companies were offering travel package behind the storm, the British companies would not lag behind in extending the similar package to Indian tourists after the film showing. It seems that both the countries have gone on the reciprocated understanding for boosting their film or tourism trade by this novel way. The British people would now desire to go beyond Agra for taking a glimpse of the Chittoor fort and the Indian citizens would enjoy viewing the film at the British theatres. This arrangement appears more like the cricket match. The venue gets changed under the risk factor.

There is the middle path in every complex case that has become obvious through the film show in the English environment. The indigenous saying, ‘Tu daal, mein paat paat’ fits well in this trade plan. The protestors have been busy with their agenda while the film has earned enough publicity amid all the hue and cry. Although the film release has been postponed in our country indefinitely yet the outfit spearheading the protests has expressed if the former Chhittor royal family approve of the film, it will pull out its scheme to forcibly stop the film display. The Indian Censor Board is yet to pass the film starring Bollywood. actors