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Global productivity declines significantly a week atfer celebrities' iCloud was hacked

15, Sep 2014 By superchuza

Geneva: More than a week after the news surfaced that top Hollywood female celebrities’ iCloud account has been hacked the global productivity has taken a toll and sharp decline has been observed in Employees’ productivity throughout the world.

This came to light when CEOs of top IT companies such as FapGemini, Gaypient, ReInfosys and Nahindra Bharatnatyam noticed that employees are not working like slaves since past few days, including the VPs. This raised concern of the C-Executives and they brought this to WEF (World Economic Forum), which had already got several complaints from the CEOs of other sector. When asked about the issue Chairman of WEF,  Mr.  Doughnot Replii replied that WEF has collected data from various sector and confirmed that it is true; the Global productivity has taken a toll by 36.53%.

Another survey conducted by International Labour-pain Organization reveals that the employees of IT industry are spending most of their office hours in searching these leaked naked pictures of the celebrities. Though some were lucky in their endeavor, many were not which added to their woes.

It is to be noted that frustration level and job dissatisfaction among the IT professionals is pretty high and they try to find solace in Booze, Bong and leaked Scandals to get a KICK.

To encash the news many new websites have mushroomed which claim to have these leaked photographs highlighting the names of Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton. When our team browsed these websites they found that these websites worked exactly like Indian government offices. They make you surf from one link to the other and in the end you get to see nothing but pictures of dogs playing with babies.

The World Economic Forum says that this is not the first time that the Global productivity has been hit by such news. Back in 2009-10 these kind of news are considered to play a vital role in Global Financial Crisis, top of them were fake videos and pictures of Golf Ace Tiger Woods. Mr. Doughnot Replii also said that the companies should not be scared of these petty issues, instead as soon as this kind of news surface, the company should load their employees with extra work and threaten them that they could lose their job if tasks are not completed in the given time.

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