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Girl not able to keep her lips straight after a series of pouts in a party last night

30, Jun 2014 By sarcastic4ever

Mumbai. The medical community witnessed something that was never seen before; Chikni Poutlekar, a second year B.Com. student was not able to keep her lips straight after posing with a pout with many of her boyfriends/girlfriends during last night party in Sin City, a famous night club in Bandra.

“At first I thought she finally wanted to kiss me but then I came to my senses after getting a slap from her when I tried to reciprocate her gesture,” said Umesh, recalling his experience from the party.

Kinjal, Chikni’s college friend with whom she had the most pout pictures with, had warned her while she was going on pouting and pouting. “I told her that my grandmom, who is an expert doctor without any degree, had already cautioned me that this can lead to serious problem in the way we eat, but Chikni never listened to me,” Kinjal recollected.

Chikni wanted to be like her

When this serious problem was taken to the top most medical doctor Mr. Daruwala in Lilavati, he had the following to say, “I believe this is the first of many such cases. I will blame facebook, twitter and instagram for this disease to spread. We are having a conversation with the government to ban these sites for good.”

When we interrogated how much will this procedure approximately cost, ”At least 25 lac” he stated to everyone’s astonishment.

With such a high amount mooted by the surgeon, we are now seeing a plethora of Babas trying to seize this opportunity. Baba Aisharam said, “I can fix this disease in 10 days in my private bathr..oh, sorry ashram. It will just cost 250,000 rupees.”

Nirmal Baba, who is an expert in this circuit, was even able to find the root cause of the problem after just hearing about the story. “The main cause of this is pani puri and ragda pattice that she eats outside her college. She should just stop eating that and have the khatta meetha pani every Wednesday and Friday for 6 months and she should be fine.”

On the other hand, Ramdev Baba has already devised an aasan to cure this issue which involves tying both your legs behind your head and swinging your body with your arms.

Not only babas but Shetty, Anna and our Bidu (Jakie Shroff, who is also an expert sandhi sudha sales person) are getting ready to sell some oil to all the girls who are into pout selfies.

Bidu commented, “Baccha logo ko ye oil lagane ka aur zindagi bhar Emraan Kissme, sorry Hashmi,  jaisa photu nikalneka without tension (kids can take as many pout photos as they want after they apply this oil).” When trying to catch up with Anna during his shooting break, he said with much enthusiasm, “This oil will not only save lips but also my acting career,” while applying oil all over his lips. Apparently the ad is the remake of his chili powder scene in Aaghaaz where they are substituting the power with the oil.

On the other hand we could see Imraan Hashmi raising money for Chikni’s surgery by hosting a bunch of events. We asked why is he doing this, he commented, “She is an inspiration and motivation to me. All these years I have tried to have that face all day long and I was never successful but this girl has showed it to the world that it is not impossible. I want to treat her and ask her this secret. She is a goddess to me.”

Hollywood has also taken an initiative with Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber using Instagram and various social events to support Chikni in her surgery.