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Girl fails to say “aww, shoo cute” to puppy pics; debarred from girl-gang for lacking girly quotient

13, Apr 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

New Delhi: A rather calm afternoon at Blue Oranges Senior Secondary High School took an intense turn of events when a 12th standard girl by name Mishika was strictly boycotted by 3 girls from her gang from participating in any gang activity for next 3 weeks. The Girl-gang executive team led by Ruchika, Kritika and Nitika called an emergency executive meeting in school canteen and took a unanimous decision to debar Mishika with an immediate effect. Mishika was informed of the decision in written soon after.

While there is wide-spread rumor-mongering on reasons behind this boycott, a student by name Kejri (name changed to protect identity) spoke to us on conditions of anonymity. He said,

“Today morning when Ruchika showed a puppy picture to Mishika and looked at her with an expecting face that Mishika will roll up her lips and will say “aww, shoo cute”. And being the girl Mishika is, she would have definitely said that. But Mishika was like “whatever, dude, chillax”. That was blasphemous. That was something which Ruchika could not fathom, as that was not at all girly. Such unexpected behavior from a BFF, hurts.

Pic of Ruchika's cute puppy  that deprived the well deserving girly reactions!
Pic of Ruchika’s cute puppy that deprived the well deserving girly reactions!

Ruchika ran away in tears and immediately convened an emergency meeting in the school canteen where the Exec-team took the decision to boycott Mishika for next 3 weeks minimum. Many other students will tell you different stories such as Mishika leaked the secret “best-boy” list to her boyfriend or she did not offer her new LV lipstick to Ruchika, but all that is pure bull. This inappropriate reaction to puppy pics is the very reason due to which Mishika attracted this disqualification from the group and imposition of a severe fine worth 42 rupees.” – Kejri said in a hushed tone.

While Mishika is said to have secluded herself in her room after this incident and has been crying for hours, her elder sister Jyotika spoke to us and narrated her side of the story. – “Actually our cousin Kanika visited us from US last week. She is the same age as Mishika so they both got along very well. She was constantly using these terms such as chillout bro, whatever bro, wassup bro etc. And these are what Mishika also caught up in her lingo. Unfortunate that her friends could not understand her and her feelings.” – Jyotika wiped her tears and concluded.

While Mishika may have been boycotted form her gang, a few politicians and Bollywood celebrities have openly come out in her defense. Below are some of the statements released to media around this incident:

“Every girl is a universe, infinite in all directions … what Mishika said was totally said in her voice, and is totally her choice. I strictly advise the men of the school not to harass a woman for her innocent words.” – Deepika Padukone

“U sab log hai na, baaki sab teen ladki, wo sab ganda log hai, communal hai budbak. Who teen ladki Bhumihar hain aur je Misika Yadav jaat ki hai. Tabhi na uka tang kar rahe hain.” – Lalu Prasad yadav

Yaar I heard that poor girl Mishika is crying for hours yaar. My advice, watch my films you will laugh like a Ravan. The other day a blind man watched my film Humshakals and he was DOFL, Died on the floor laughing.” – Sajid Khan