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Ghosts suffer heart-attack after accidentally bumping into Shahnaz Hussain

13, Feb 2013 By indianpsycho

Shahnaz Hussain and a Ghost
Hint: Shahnaz Hussain is on your left hand side

In a recent development, three ghosts suffered severe heart attacks and are currently in state of coma after they accidentally bumped into renowned beautician Shahnaz Husain.

According to their friend, who happens to be another ghost who was accompanying them on that horrific night, it was around 2’o clock in the night when they were having their routine walk after dinner that one of them suggested playing prank on humans for fun. After everyone agreed to this wicked idea, they narrowed down to a house and entered it totally unaware of what the fate has in store for them.

They waited quietly in the lobby of the house to gauge the situation. After waiting for sometime they decided to make headway into the bedroom. Just when they were about to open the door of bedroom, out came Shahnaz Husain (probably to use the loo) scaring the shit out of them.

All of them left out a loud shriek after seeing her and fainted, while 3 of them suffered major heart attacks and are extremely critical, one survived and is now recuperating.

“Man what else do you expect? We put our kids to sleep by asking them to obey else Shahnaz will come and take them. Not only this we put on her mask during Halloween night celebrations in our part of world. Look dude we may be ghosts but we are still much better looking than many of your Tarot Card/Horoscope reading anchors on News Channels!” said the now out of danger ghost.

This sensational incident has united ghosts across India and many of them were seen protesting at India Gate asking govt to declare Shahnaz Husian’s house as Haunted House. They have even demanded complete ban on ghost movies, specially the ones made by RGV which they feel projects them in poor light (Pun Unintended). Quite a few of them even claimed that they were normal human beings who just happened to use Husain’s beauty products.