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Getting frustrated with all the attention Sunny Leone is getting, Suny Deol changes his name to Sunny Deole

01, Oct 2014 By himanshumayee

Deole may eve dress like this.
Deole may eve dress like this.

This shocking incident happened yesterday when people saw the angry Gadar star shouting at a fan who just took his autograph and complained that Sunny wrote his name a little different. Sunny was found yelling, “Oyeeee! Maine apna naam badal diya hai!!”.

Expert astrologist, Bejaan Daroo-bandi-wala said that this Dharam-Putra was quite frustrated from many a days because he wasn’t getting any attention or item songs in the industry whereas new comer, Sunny Leone, is rocking the charts. “He came to me for a solution while I was watching Ragini MMS 2, So all I can give him was a new name,” said Daaroo-bandi-wala to a reporter of Faking News.

According to a Deol Family-Fan, it all started when boy Sunny became too Ziddi and asked Papaji to make a film for him in which he has a role of a Porn Star. Papaji refused and made the movie Apne instead and now the whole family is considering of changing their surname. Except for Abhay who is doing surprisingly good.

When our reporter tried contacting Sunny Leone on Whatsapp for a comment on this, she replied saying, “I have a lot of work and films to do so can’t reply”. We were unable to get Deole’s reply on it as he was busy updating his new found name on Twitter and Facebook.