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Gatimaan Express to be renamed to Shaktimaan Express

05, Jun 2015 By Kshitiz Sudhakar

The most anticipated and India’s fastest train Gatimaan Express has had two successful tests and is all set to run commercially after our NRI prime minister gives it a green signal. The train travels with a speed of about 160 km/hr and covers a distance of 195 km in 105 minutes. Social media appreciated the speed and facilities provided by the train, however, disliked the name Gatimaan.

Within hours after the news came out, twitter hashtag #gatimaantoshaktimaan was seen trending. People want the name of the train to be changed to Shaktimaan Express. Some of them tweeted that this will be very a good initiative to immortalize our Indian superhero Shaktimaan who had the powers to travel 195km in 95 seconds under given travelling conditions.

New and improved

A twitter handle @beinghanuman objected on renaming it to Shaktimaan because he said, Hanumaan was the first Indian Superhero and not Shaktimaan, but more tweets were in favor of Shaktimaan Express.

Our reporter Gangadhar tried connecting to Mukesh Khanna who played the legendary role of Shaktimaan in the epic Superpower sitcom on Doordarshan in the late 90’s. In a brief chat at his house (where he was found practicing to fly for the next season of Shaktimaan) he said, he was very pleased with the current twitter rage about renaming Gatimaan to Shaktimaan and if it happens it will be an honor for him.

He also suggested our reporter to change the color of the train to the color of the costume of Shaktimaan which was maroon and golden with a chakra on the engine. He went on with his suggestions and added that The LCD TV which is installed at the back of every seat will telecast episodes of Shaktimaan in loop so that children and people of this generation can get to know who and what Shaktimaan was.

To answer our reporter’s final question which was when can India see him again on the television screen as Shaktimaan teaching children his chhoti chhoti magar moti baatein? He smiled and avoided the question.

Looking at the social media rage which could have given Arvind Kejriwal an opportunity to sit for a dharna or to call it a scam, our prime minister reacted very promptly and tweeted from Mongolia that yes, he confirms the change of name from Gatimaan to Shaktimaan Express. He also tweeted later that for security reasons, the first set of people travelling on Shaktimaan Express will have to wear his recently launched Shades of Modi sunglasses.

So Gatimaan Express is now officially Shaktimaan Express.