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Game of Thrones revamps story along the lines of Indian politics

24, Dec 2013 By girilockholmes

NEW DELHI. In what seems to be a shocking news, Game of Thrones Creators David Benioff and D.B. Wiess have decided to drop their current story which is adopted from a novel. Sources say that the response to the third season has not been great and they want a new story line with the same characters.


Faking News reporter Girilock Holmes just found out from his sources that David is going to adopt his new story line from Indian Politics.

David was heard saying,  “Indian politics and the Game of Thrones have so much in common. While we have Cerci Lannister in GoT, India has Sonya Gandi(pronounced in American style) and like Joferry Lannister they have Rahul Gandi.” And it does not stop there. David went on to compare Peter Baelish to Chidambaram, the noble yet intriguing character Subramanian Swamy as Lord Varys who cares only about the country and Tyrion Lannister to Narendra Modi .

Wiess when being interviewed shared the same opinion as David about the story line when he was quoted saying, “There is a new uprising in India from different parts and no one can predict as to who will lead the nation. The current leader has failed. There seem to be revolutions all around and people want a new leader. In fact the current Congress leaders, who are so similar to the Lannisters ( p.s–A Lannister always pays his debt(Money is no big deal)) are looking for a new ally in the AAP which too has an uncanny resemblance to Margaery Tyrell who is set to become the new queen in GoT. “

Wiess also said he had no intentions in comparing Arvind Khejriwal to Margaery Tyrell but admitted it is a big time coincidence that both the story and real life incidents in India are so similar.

A lot of questions by the youth of India started pouring in once the news about GoT went public. And all of a sudden there was a sudden urge to find out who the mother of Dragons would be. David’s Tweet which was re-tweeted over a million times in a few hours after the sudden surge of questions said, “The Iron yet nurturing lady of the south of India who leads Tamil Nadu is up for a major role,” suggests none other than Jayalalitha to be Daenerys Targaryen.

When asked why this comparison David said, “Her rise to power has been phenomenal and is backed by her people with love.”

David was available for no further comments and a Hollywood press release suggested that GoT is up for release in March.