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Game Of Thrones ke naye seasons ka hoga naa intazaar, Kyun ki ab ki baar Modi sarkar

14, Apr 2014 By chaitu

As the new season of Game of Thrones was aired last Sunday, here comes the good news to all hardcore GOT fans. On the eve of submitting his nomination to the EC, NaMo had declared that Indians no longer have to wait for the new seasons of GOT as he promises the show will be aired daily in Gujarat and India.

Game of Thrones
“Thank you Modi ji”

NaMo exclusively talked to FN this evening. He went on to say, “The most developed state of the world and a small part of that state which is India shall no longer wait for the new seasons of GOT. I will make sure that GOT will be a daily serial in India.”

While one of the hardcore fan of NaMo tried to defend NaMo. He said “George R R Martin is also a fan of NaMo, that is why even he has a beard. If you clearly rearrange the alphabets of his name, you even find the letters NaMo in his name”. While he tried his best to defend NaMo’s decision he couldn’t find the logic behind how telecasting GoT would help to the development of the nation.

While on the other hand, Digvijay Singh exclusively talked to FN. He said, “Rahul Baba is in the discussions with the makers of ‘How I Met Your Mother’. After hearing the title, Rahul Baba and all the congress leaders thought it was about mother of everyone Sonia Madam, but eventually it turned out to be something different. But eventually Rahul was connected to the character of Ted Mosby, where both are single most of the times, both talk nonsense and both mostly believe in hope of getting the things which aren’t their worth. Rahul wants to make sure that there is a new version as he was disappointed with the ending of the finale.”

Arvind Kejriwal who didn’t want to be left behind declared that he would make sure that ‘Breaking Bad’ isn’t ended the way it had. Kejriwal said ” Walter White was an Aam Admi and he didn’t had enough money to take care of his family. That is why he turned into a drug dealer. I would make sure in the Indian version of the Breaking bad, Walter White is no longer an Aam Admi”.