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Gallantry Award for the film critics who followed the call of duty by watching 'Hamshakals' on first day

25, Jun 2014 By gaathi

The independence day is  yet 54 days away but the authorities have started mulling over the proposals for gallantry award recipients and in an unprecedented proposal jointly forwarded by the Defense, Home and I&B ministry officials few names have been forwarded of the film critics who watched Sajid Khan’s Humshakals on the very first day.

Sajid Khan

However, our sources  within the ministry informed us that it wasn’t the first time  such proposal was thought over. Similar citations were forwarded during the UPA Govt’s time when films like Himmatwaala (again Sajid Khan), Joker (Sajid’s sister Farah) and Tees Maar Khan (Again Farah; it appears that the siblings are plotting a conspiracy against the common people!) were released but due to the then Prime Minister’s inefficacy to take decisions alone and UPA Chairperson’s limited knowledge of Hindi language the citations could not be approved.

Nevertheless, it is  hoped that the proposal would get through this time and the brave film critics would be awarded on the independence day for following the call of duty and selflessly sacrificing their time, money and brain in watching such films for the benefit of people of India.

On being asked whether awarding film critics with gallantry awards is a justified decision as the awards are generally for soldiers of the Army and other security forces, the spokesperson of I&B ministry said, “Gallantry awards are for bravery. Anybody who selflessly sacrifices his comfort and personal interests in the service of nation deserve these awards. So, just like a soldier who guards our borders even in challenging conditions without thinking about his own comfort, these film critics provided us with reviews which warned the common people from watching these films, thus preventing a torture for  them by bearing it on their own. They truly deserve a gallantry award.”

The film critics are jubilant with the news. One eminent film critic of the electronic media told Faking News on the condition of anonymity, “Me and my other critic friends are really overwhelmed by this gesture of the government, we are glad that our service to people will finally be recognized but, there is  also a flip side to it. If the government  thinks that we show ultimate courage by watching such films for three hours, it should also take measures which could prevent such films from being made. You know, some intelligence agency which can predict and prevent such films in the scripting stage itself!”