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FTII’s new find: Rahul Gandi will play Munni in Bajrangi Bhaijan II

05, Aug 2015 By Chal Jhuthi

While students at Film and Television Imtihaan India (FTII) are irked over the governing council’s decision of selecting Gajanan Chuha to reprise the role of Munni in upcoming Bajrani Bhaaijan II, they have secretly called for a mass audition for the same role.

Kids of all ages and heights came for the test and tried to give their best. But sources said, who the FTII students are voting for is a 45-year-old kid who has stunned the judges with his extra-ordinary real-life habits that match with Munni’s. This kid called Rahul Gandi sure steals a march on Gajanan as the latter is not ready to take that crown off his head. He is mostly seen wearing a golden crown as he calls it his ‘lucky charm’. His king-like demeanour is deemed to be a misfit for a role that demands juvenile incomprehension. On the other hand, Rahul is cut for the character, so believe the protesting students.

“This is a noteworthy cause of secularism. BTW, Rahulji what would I call you now? Baba or Munna?”: Digvijay Singh

Here are 6 things about Munni & Rahul Gandi that will bowl you over:

Munni has the habit of getting away. Remember, her train tour and the subsequent departure? Rahul was recently reported missing from his home in Delhi. A good Samaritan found him in Bangkok!

Munni has the habit of sneaking into other’s place. She tiptoes into a house that is having a chicken feast and partakes of the celebration. Rahul is a gatecrasher of sorts and he has a record of running into random huts in villages.

Munni is a village girl and has led a rustic lifestyle. Though Rahul has roots in far-off Italy, he is so grounded that he loves to meet all those who sit on the ground, like farmers, weavers, tribals and people of that ilk.

Munni can sleep anywhere, even on the bare floor of mosque under the sky. Rahul is way ahead. He can even doze off in the Parliament amidst intensive discussions on important issues.

Munni can’t speak. People don’t want Rahul to speak. Hmm…let’s take it this way, It’s better if he doesn’t speak. Sometimes silence says the best!

Munni has the habit of playing with goats and sheep. Rahul is the scapegoat. And he too is hailed as the blacksheep!

While FTII students are opposing the selection of Gajanan, they are leaving no stone unturned to promote their magic find, this 45-year-old kiddo. However, of late, we have been seeing a little twist in the tale. Originally, Munni is Shahida, a girl who cheers for Pakistan cricket team on their win. Upon knowing this, Gajanan, the front-runner for the role is now having second thoughts about it. Sources confirmed, Gajanan, admittedly a Rashtra-Bhakt, was heard saying it to a protesting student that ‘I would rather become a ‘Shaheed’ than be called ‘Shahida’. Meat-chewing vagabond! I don’t care whether she gets ‘Ghar Wapsi’ or not, I am no more in this showbiz and certainly going back where I belong, my own home’.

Good news for Rahul! Upon congratulation he says, “I will work harder to stay mum. Mum’s the word.”

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