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Football game of a typical Telugu film in which injured hero scores 28 goals

16, Jun 2014 By chaitu

While the football fever is upon the whole world, makers of the Telugu film “Dammunna Magadu (Man with Balls)” made sure they catch up with the fever by adding a football game in the climax of their film.

Initially the makers were looking to include cricket game as the movie climax but they changed their minds. The director of the movie said, “The damage you do the opposite team in the game of cricket is limited. But when it comes to football, there are no such limitations in Telugu films.”

War zone

Getting into the details, hero who is in his late 30’s is an undercover cop who is trying to catch a terrorist who is planning to blast the whole city of Hyderabad. Hero gets to know that terrorist is studying in a local college in Hyderabad and he also joins the same college. While the college is very famous for hosting football games, people like CM and others VIP’s are expected to visit the game. So terrorist plans to blast the college during the final game of the football but how hero fails his plan is the rest of the story.

Talking about the pre-climax, terrorist expresses his love to heroine but she rejects him and tells him that she loves the hero. While terrorist reveals his true identity and threatens to kill her, she challenges him to win the  football final against hero. Furious terrorist takes hero to a den and beats him the whole night so that he can’t participate in the football final tomorrow. The next morning, heroine finds about the hero and takes him to the hospital and doctors find that there is a fracture in his leg. But intrepid hero remembers his duty of saving the country and then he ties the dupatta of the heroine to his leg, after which hero walks normally.

Knowing that hero would definitely come to play the game, terrorist swears to blast the city after he defeats the hero in the final. He threatens and convinces the college Principal to allow his fellow terrorists to play in the match. Not to mention how the Villain and his other fellow terrorists attacked and injured the hero’s team and scored 27 goals in the first half of the game. They even threatened to kill the referee who tried to stop them from injuring other players. During the halftime break, hero tries to motivates all his fellow teammates but during the second half, terrorists try to attack more and soon the hero’s team is reduced to one, even the goal keeper leaves  the field because of his injury.

Hero takes the responsibility of protecting the team and his country and scores 27 goals in the next 40 mins. Hero’s condition keeps deteriorating time to time and he even vomits blood once and even the white dupatta of the heroine tied to his leg turns into red, but the hero still continues to play all alone.

In the 89th minute, hero faints in the middle of the ground and the terrorist proceeds to score his 28th goal. Hero lays on the ground and doesn’t wake up until heroine shouts from the crowd “Le Varun(Wake up)”. After hearing those words, hero gathers all his energy to take a giant leap and stops the antagonist from scoring his goal.

Hero who is now at one side of the ground gathers all his energy to hit his last goal with such a force that the ball travels all the way to hit the goal post and it returns back with a such a force that it changes its course and hits the terrorist in such a way that he dies on the spot. Thus hero wins the millions of hearts by saving the country from terrorist blasts.