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Following Pro Kabaddi League win Abhishek finally accepted into Bachchan family

01, Sep 2014 By Venkatesh Raja

Mumbai: It is a well known fact that Abhishek Bachchan has had torrid time with his acting career which is yet to take off but very few people know that this had affected the father-son relation also. Abhishek seems to have finally managed to make his father happy by inspiring his Jaipur team to win inaugural Pro Kabaddi league.

Abhishek Bachchan

“Though they appear to be close in front of media but in reality they don’t talk much at home and with Abhi’s each movie and its consequent debacle, the relationship soured over the years . Amit sir used to feel that his son has dishonored family’s name but this win has helped Abhi win his father’s heart,” said a family friend who wished not to be named.

“He always keeps ‘Papa kehte hai bada naam karega’ song as his ringtone. I think this win will finally get him a place in his father’s heart,” said Aishwarya who has been a pillar of support for Abhishek since their ‘Umrao jaan’ debacle days.

“Abhi always used to complain that I never welcome him the way I welcomed Shah Rukh in ‘Kabhi khushi kabhi gham’. His father used to taunt him, asking him to first emulate Shah Rukh’s success and then ask for similar treatment. Now that he has made family proud, I have already decorated ‘puja ki thali’, he should be here anytime.” said mother Jaya who looked ecstatic and distributed free nimbu paani to all the passersby.

Grand party will be organised tomorrow at Jalsa with industry’s who’s who being invited. This being the second biggest event after Abhi-Aish marriage, media is also going gung-ho for the event. has already uploaded the odds of various people invited on its website.

Meanwhile reports are surfacing that Uday Chopra  is holding talks with the organizers of Pro Kabaddi league probably to buy a team.