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Flipkart sues makers of Haider, alleges leaking of confidential trade secrets

08, Oct 2014 By surajr

Mumbai:  In the aftermath of a disastrous sale marred by technical glitches and allegations of pricing scam, leading online retailer are suing the makers of Haider and director Vishal Bhardwaj for revealing trade secrets in their recently released movie.

Flipkart’s Big Billion Sale

Faking News contacted Laxman Jethmalani, the legal counsel for Flipkart for more details on this development. Mr Jethmalani said, “In the movie Haider, Vishal Bharadwaj has deliberately revealed our strategic trade secrets. We believe this has caused significnt negative impact on our Big Billion Sale.”

Elaborating further, Mr Jethmalani said, “In the movie, Haider, the lead character keeps on yapping about “chutzpah”. He explains the obtuse hebrew word with simple examples such as a bank robber looting a bank and then depositing the looted money in his own account in the same bank. This is exactly the shamelessly audacious strategy employed by Flipkart to inflate the prices before the mega sale. We were banking on this age old trick to finally break even after all these years. But, with the “Chutzpah” already out in the open, thanks to Haider, the usually gullible customers easily called our bluff. Instead of fleecing the customers, hum logon ka chutzpah kat gaya. So, we have decided to sue the producers of Haider and the scriptwriter Vishal Bhardwaj to make good the losses caused to us due to leaking our trade secrets.”

“Also, on the same day, our competitors Snapdeal and Amazon also offered better discounts and trolled us on newspapers and the internet. It is clear – Movie producers, Newspapers, Domain Name owners; Sab miley hue hain. Yahi toh scam hai,” alleged Mr Jethmalani.

Faking News tried contacting UTV and Vishal Bhardwaj for their take on the lawsuit. They have declined to speak to Faking News as of now.