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Five techies order soup, get dumped out of a night club

22, Sep 2014 By justfaking

Bangalore. In the late hours of past Thursday, 5 techies who went to celebrate birthday of one of them were forcibly evicted from a night club. Although the exact reason is not clear, credible accounts suggest they infuriated the night club staff by ordering food which is usually served in normal restaurants.


“We came here for the first time and ordered what we usually eat. I don’t know what wrong we did..” one of the victims exclaimed.

When our correspondent reached out to the night club staff, their explanation was, “Ours is the most reputed night club in the city. People come here to enjoy smoking (active and passive both), liquor and overly loud music. These guys should have been respectful to our reputation. If they want petty stuff like soups, aloo dum, dal makhani etc. they should find some other place, there are so many out there. Their demeanour was primitive, really.”

“I  thought I must have heard it wrong in the deafening music around but when these guys wrote their order on a piece of paper I was shell shocked. First time in my career I have come across such customers. I even offered them complimentary beer and tandoori chicken but they cited some silly reasons like being non-alcoholic and vegetarian etc,” said the waiter who was attending them.

On the other side, victim techies feel they were unfairly treated. The birthday boy told us, “It was my birthday and my wife wanted to go to a happening place. She came up with the idea of coming here as some of her friends had told great things about this place and internet reviews were also great. But when we reached there it was so dark we couldn’t see one another – we had to hold hands to avoid getting lost. And music was so loud we had to scream in order to talk and then resort to send messages on whatsapp when we got tired. We kept screaming for 30 minutes to the waiter for our order and it turned out to be wasted effort as he started abusing us as soon as he understood what we were ordering.”

But birthday boy’s wife was not all that disappointed.  She said, “we checked in to this place on facebook and even shared  a selfie. At least I can brag among my friends that I came here. Only bad part was that we couldn’t eat but that’s okay, we shall go home and have maggi.”