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First time Hollywood movie watcher asks for refund for not able to enjoy song and dance in the movie

17, Jun 2015 By Ajoy Kumar Singha

Haggan Kumar, a first time Hollywood movie watcher asked for full refund of ticket after watching Jurassic World (Hindi dubbed) in a local movie theater.

“Like all other Hindi movies, I was expecting at least 3-4 songs and dances in the movie,” said Haggan after coming out the theater. After the movie he rushed to manager’s office and asked for a full refund for his ticket.

Haggan was also disappointed at seeing too many animals in the movie
Haggan was also disappointed at seeing too many animals in the movie

He blamed the operators cutting short the song and dance sequence to reduce the length of the movie. When the manager told him that they did not cut any scene including song and dance and the movie was played in full, he was a bit surprised. He was even more surprised when he learnt almost no Hollywood movies include a song or any form of dance number.

“How come they became actors when they do not know how to sing or dance? In India, all our actors know how to dance and sing. Even the people in the village, city, street where the actors lives know how to dance together and sing chorus with the actor,” said Haggan when this Faking News reporter asked him why he was angry with the Hollywood actors.

“This movie is a total waste of money, no song, no dance, no changing clothes in between the song and they still call it a movie.” He suggested Hollywood actors to learn from India and get training from Boogie Woogie like dance classes.

“I will never watch a Hollywood movie again” were his last words before storming out of manager’s office.