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Films fail to favour family flavour

11, Jun 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: There is no dearth of the Hindi films produced in much-famed Bollywood industry. Most of the films are not categorised as family films because of its undesirable contents. That’s why there rests some kind of carefulness by the families. The yesteryear trend has certainly changed when the family members used to go to the cinema halls collectively.

As usual, one newlywed couple was thinking of going to see a feature film based on the women-centric issue. The doctor husband was too busy in his nursing home so he was always avoiding wife’s idea. While their conversation was continuing for the past about thirty minutes, there came a call for the husband. He learnt that his senior doctor has called him to Nagpur in regard to a complicated medical case. This caused dejection to the wife craving to view a film.

Meanwhile, her husband departed to the destination and the wife was left to bemoan the situation. She contacted her next-door neighbour to accompany her to the cinema hall. Her immediate accepted her offer of going to the nearby cinema hall. Both of them enjoyed the matinee show. They even gulped down chips and coffee during the interval. Their visit remained quite entertaining for them.

When the doctor husband returned after attending the medical case, he gained information of his wife’s going to film along with the neighbour. A little bit annoyed with this big-headed manner he asked his wife about all the matters took place in his very absence. Incessantly listening to her husband’s words the wife told, “You very well know, nowadays there is lacking family films and you were also showing disinterest. So, this idea came to my mind and It was a delightful time spent with my neighbour. You might relate this case with that of the TV serial, “Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hein.”