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Film star trying to shower Pan-Masala packets on fans; accidentally falls off the helicopter

30, Mar 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Mumbai: Famous superstar Joginda was lucky enough to survive with minor scratches after he accidently fell of an AugustaWestland AW319 helicopter. Medical staff rushed to the spot for treating him thought he was perhaps shooting for some stunt scenes but as it turned out he was riding the helicopter to distribute Pan-Masala packets to his fans. Talking to media-persons at a press conference later, Mr. Joginda said:-

Film star showering pan-masala packets from Helicopter
Film star showering pan-masala packets from Helicopter

“When I tasted a few bits of Chhajju-royal pan masala today morning, I liked it immensely. Although it said “no tobacco” on packet, it actually made me quite intoxicated. I felt urgent need to fly my private helicopter over Ghatkopar area and shower thousands of packets of Chhajju-royal on my beloved fans living there. When we were around 100 feet up in the air and I was emptying sacks after sacks of pan masala packets my foot suddenly slipped and I fell down. Luckily my fans caught me before I hit the ground. Around 13 people were injured but I was saved. I have gifted each of them a blackberry phone.” – Joginda quipped with his characteristic smile.

On being asked if he would ever try to do this act again Joginda smiled and said – “It was a near-death experience which has made me more spiritual and cautious. The management team of Chhajju-royal is planning to buy a fleet of 30 top-end helicopters each of which will be used to distribute pan-masala to the customers and shoot television commercials. Earlier I was supposed to board helicopter in each of those commercials but now I have changed my mind. Each of these helicopters will have a look-alike of mine distributing the packets and waving to fans. For purpose of television commercials I will be available for any close-up shots in studio. We will then create helicopter surroundings using green screen technology.” – Joginda finished.

While Joginda may have decided not to take any more risks due to this incident, Helicopter companies are rejoicing the opportunity. Nomken Mendoza, Senior Vice President of Sales at Black Magoon Helicopters predicts a boost in helicopter sales after this incident. He wrote the following Facebook post on his page yesterday:

“This incident has given pan-masala companies the ideological fodder to create a connection between helicopters and pan-masala. We are receiving urgent bulk orders from various pan-masala companies for buying and using our helicopters for commercial distribution of their products. For giving a golden image to trivial product such as pan-masala these companies plan to bring in helicopters, aircrafts, film-stars and Bollywood divas to endorse their product. And this means good business for the whole helicopter industry.”