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Film Happy New Year's suspense revealed

21, Aug 2014 By dilLogical

The upcoming movie Happy New Year’s big suspense revolving around the robbery has been finally revealed. The secret was unearthed by an unknown lone survivor  from the movie’s trailer. He refused to reveal his identity in danger of being mocked as Brain-Dead

The survivor said “As soon as SRK said ‘Ye kahani hai duniya ki sabse badi chori ki..’, it struck me! I jumped in excitement and looked aside to find my room-mates unconscious due to the trailer. Anyway, to everyone who failed to stay awake throughout the trailer, I have some big news. You can now spend your Diwali money to buy crackers for you children.”

We dug him further and he finally clarified, “Its about us! We are the target! The sabse badi chori is the movie stealing 200 Crores from us! Promising us entertainment and then looting us of that 500 Rs. ticket and all our remaining senses. Many of which have already gotten numb due to ‘Gunday’, ‘Entertainment’ and ‘Singham Returns’ this year.”

The man was later taken to hospital for mental checkup as a precautionary measure. We remind you that people have suddenly fallen asleep, fallen unconscious and there are also some uncomfirmed reports of people going to Coma after watching ‘Happy New Year’ trailer.

Even doctors in africa have taken our ancient Baba Prem Chopra’s advice of  ‘Loha hi Lohe ko kaat sakta hai’ and are showing the ‘Happy New Year’ trailer to Ebola patients