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Film Critics "Reserve our rights" protest in IT Corridor

23, Aug 2013 By chhandak

Bangalore: Just before another Friday , Film Critic Association of India (FCAI) has pretested at the main entrance of IT SEZ in Bangalore named ITPL. Similar incidents have been reported from Hitec city, Hyderabad and Sholinganallur, Chennai.

When our Faking News special correspondent reaches out to the protesters, they have expressed their grievance and demands to him.

Abhinav Chithrapremi, one of the leading film critic of Bangalore summarized the issue. According to him “Over the last few years the number of other professionals turned into free film critic is incredible. I think every second person steps into movie theater now is a film buff. They mostly write their film review immediately after the release of the movie. Facebook and other social media are giving them a free avenue. It became a vicious circle”

When our reporter asked why are they protesting in front of IT zone, Chitrabani Chatterjee, film reporter from Bengal has shouted (almost snatching the mike from Abhinav). “If not at IT park, you expect us to protest in Jungle????”

According to her most of these self proclaimed film buffs are from IT profession. They do manage to watch the movie with a ticket at highest price and if not so, with minimum IT literacy manage to download the the movie from internet with third grade quality. They never have to wait for a free screening. Even from the quality of the picture where you cannot distinguish the Hero with the father of heroine, they never fail to write review about the movie.

Then our regular correspondent tried to get a different perspective on this same issue. When he tried to reach few IT professionals stuck in traffic, half of them were in deep sleep in volvo bus giving damn to the traffic condition. Few of them having headphone not responded even after multiple efforts to get their bites.

Eventually he could find one person looking restlessly through the window to understand the traffic situation. When we informed him about the incident, he reacted saying all this as bullshit, claiming that all film critic are paid agent of Megastars and acting as propaganda machine for them. According to him only the thoughtful well understood movie review comes from guy like him. Also he did not forget to mention that he is so worried about the traffic now as he has to reach early and book the first day first show for the movie releasing tomorrow.

Finally traffic police had to intervene to restrain the protestors. They have withdrawn the protest after a fruitful discussion with ministry. On the Press Release the spokesperson of FCAI proclaimed, “We are very thankful to Honorable minister Kapil Sibbal for interfering into the issue so proactively. He has assured us, this kind of post will not be tolerated under his government. His department will monitor for the post with more close eyes and will react accordingly.”

Bangalore traffic police has published one press release where they have accepted the incident. When we asked why it took long time to normalize the traffic and remove the protester, Chief-in-Charge explained “Even in any given day traffic moves is snail pace or stands still in that road. So it took us some time to realize that some protest is going on. But when we could figure it out we have reacted quite fast.”

At last when we spoke to psychiatrist and social activist Chintan Bahuguna asking him about this trend in IT profession, he blamed the high stress in this profession. “IT is becoming more and more tricky profession with each passing day. Work pressure and stress has very less interconnection anymore.

Even when employees are on bench for long time that adds up much stress to their life along with unoccupied brain and free time, which is a dangerous combination. Adding to this, IT is no more so fancy a profession and becoming main stream. So there is an urge in every IT engineer to evolve as a second avatar. I think Film Criticism is one of the very easy avenue as this profession is quite similar with IT in nature, demands very less brain”

On the closing note, the anguish of FCAI is best exhibited when one of the protester warned “If you can write film review, don’t forget we can even fill up Excel”.