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Film actresses are not dumb as rock

03, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Graceful and attractive Nargis Fakhri is in high spirits because she was mistaken as Katrina Kaif. She considered it a compliment for her fabulous figure. Her brownish hairs, eyes, fair complexion and height could compel one to put her side by side with Katrina. Although the Bollywood film industry is full of lookalike faces yet the fans are faulting mistakenly.

The newer promising entry of Sara Khan is the latest example of the similar mother-daughter face. In addition to this Jhanvi also resembles her mother. Even Tiger Shroff looks like his father by countenance. Soha Ali bears a resemblance to her mother. Shruti Haasan looks a lot like her mother. The list is not short to include every name in order to demonstrate similarity.

Sometimes acting and dance capabilities also help in reminding one of the comparable faces. But comparing one with another is seldom come about. The fans continue to concentrate on finding out facial connection which sometimes startles the actress even. This is what we have seen in the case of the trendy Nargis Fakhri in the recent days. The particular fan, who has given clear indication of his state of mind by inadvertently calling her as Katrina, endorses their amazing acting abilities more or less.

Both the modern-day actresses are very good at a lot of things and well on their road to being the awesome heroines in the coming years. These beautiful actresses are not dumb as a rock. They are outspoken and maintain their image in media circles astutely. However, the controversies also bother them but their fame ratings go up with the sudden storms. Nargis Fakhri expressed her astonishment at the fan approaching her for the selfie with her. She did not mind snaps with her fans but this fan’s remarks certainly embarrassed her a little bit.