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Fight Over a Selfie causes a Couple to Break up

02, Jun 2015 By meghastm

New Delhi: Miss Ditzy Rani, a wedding photographer, recently took the social media by storm. She announced on her Facebook page that she ditched her boy friend Bhola Ram, because he told her not to take selfies after being in a committed relationship for three days.

The post got a whopping 1112 likes and 280 shares in three minutes which is a Facebook record for the most number of likes in the attention seeking category. 87 of the 100 comments were either “u go gurl!!!” or “more pwr to u!!!!!!!!!!”. Fifty of her friends, of which she claims to have met four people, urged her change her relationship status immediately.

couple breaks up over a selfie

“I just wanted to do a hash tag 100 day selfie challenge and he asked if it will serve any purpose and when I told him it’s for Instagram, he asked me if it was a cousin of kilogram. Later he gave me a lecture on the ill effects of taking selfies for a good 45 minutes. That’s when things started to get ugly,” Ditzy shared her side of the story.

“The Instagram thing was a joke. I read somewhere that you always need to start a lecture with a joke,” Bhola told us. On further investigation, we found out that Bhola is one of the very few men left in India, who is not on Facebook or Twitter. When asked for his side of the story he said, “We viewed life with completely different perspectives. I guess it was going to happen sooner or later.”

Ditzy also created an invite only event on Facebook to celebrate the break up. She published a blog titled Taking a Selfie – My Choice, Life of a single woman.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister was blamed for encouraging selfie craze among the youth. The opposition stalled the proceedings of the assembly for an hour calling the present government a selfie-welfie sarkar.