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Farhan Akhtar in deep shit after success of Bhag Milkha Bhag

31, Jul 2013 By laks

After resounding success of the movie Bhag Milkha Bhag has put Farhan Aktar in a big problem.

The Indian government is after him with a list of 10 demands:
1. Play a vital role in Indian Army
2. Go to the next Olympics and get that damn gold medal
3. Help government to build a better Indo-Pak relationship
4. Revamp Indian Sports
5. Inspire N. Srinivasan to quit BCCI
6. Give Lalit Modi a lesson on ethics
7. Be part of nationwide campaign to improve milk consumption
8. Bring down inflation
9. Improve the Rupee against the US dollar
10. Steal Kohinoor diamond from England (as you are the fastest)
All Farhan and Rakeysh Omprakash wanted from the Indian Government was to send Bhag Milkha Bhag as official Indian entry for the Oscars.
The government has went one step further and has threatened that if Farhan fails to strive for the 10 point agenda, the movie will be banned on the grounds of “creating false hopes among the people of India and misrepresenting Indian Army as an entity that supports/endorses some silly running sports whereas the Indian Army’s sole focus is on protecting its 1 billion plus people”. And all the profits from the movie to be deposited to the government.
After this Farhan approached the real Milkha Singh for advice. Milkha Singh confessed the following to Farhan:
“Actually I was trying to run away from India Army. I was always trying to escape. But each time I was caught and was disciplined. I was a naughty kid. I wanted to escape. So I ran faster and faster. That was my real motivation. To run and escape the army. That’s how I got this habit of looking back while running. My real passion was to go out and become a milk business man. My father named me Milk-ha Singh for nothing? Milk is my real passion but this army made me a runner. “
Farhan was deeply saddened to hear this. He felt he has misrepresented Milkha Singh. Milkha Singh advised Farhan to make “Milk” the main theme of his next movie.
– Lakshminarasimhan