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Farah Khan to take 6 months physics crash course before watching Interstellar

11, Nov 2014 By The Illusionist

Mumbai: In an interesting revelation, part time actor and director Farah Khan has tweeted that she has enrolled for a physics crash course before she can watch Interstellar. In fact she was recently spotted at a second hand book store in a burka, looking for H.C Verma physics book.

Farah Khan

However, when Rahim chacha realized it was Farah Khan he immediately snatched the book from her hands. On talking to Faking News Rahim chacha said, “Hum Verma sahib ki bahut izzat karte hain. Ye “Manohar kahaniyan” padhne wali achanak se H.C verma ki book padhegi. Ye hamare, aapke, saare IIT ki taiyari karne wale, Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Rahul Gandhi, Digvijay Singh…sabke liye bade sharm ki baat hogi. Isiliye humne kitab chupa di”.

On contacting Farah Khan she candidly told us that “Yes I have enrolled for the physics crash course. Although I have understood the plot of the movie long back, I am currently working on my next film “Margo” in collaboration with Ben Affleck and want to introduce the concept of space time and worm hole in this love story involving a soap”. She was a bit upset about the way Indians patronize western directors and are gung-ho about watching their movies. “Jo bhi ho. Hum jo filmein banate hain unme 3 cheezen hoti hain…entertainment, entertainment and entertainment! Kya ye 3 cheezen unki filmon me hoti hain?”. She hurled a direct question to us viewers.

Surprisingly a lot of eminent people from Bollywood have come out in open support. Legendary actors Chunkey Pandey and Deepak Tijori have openly criticized the patronization of western directors. In a recent press conference Deepak Tijori was heard saying for the whole Indian film fraternity “We have been showing such novelity in cinema since last 20 years or so. You watch any telugu movie. Whenever a father affectionately tosses his child in the air , the child goes into the space and comes back into his father’s arm defying all rules of gravity. We show science and emotions together, but people do not like it. However, when James Cameroon and Christopher Nolan show the same thing, it becomes a national sensation”.

Chunkey Pandey angrily added “Such anti-national sentiments have to be crushed. And this time I am not a jockey”.

While we were preparing this report, a breaking news just came in. ACP Pradyuman went into coma after watching Interstellar for 30 minutes.Before going into coma he was heard uttering “Kuch to garbad hai”. He also requested Daya to stop breaking doors for a while and keep kicking him at regular intervals, so that he could come out of coma.