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Farah Khan Ali disappointed with the suspension of Salman Khan sentence

11, May 2015 By MRP

Farah Khan Ali, who tried to earn brownie points from Salman Khan for her insightful tweets about pavement dwelling, is now disappointed with the suspension of Salman Khan’s sentence. She now has no reason anymore to emphasise her allegiance to Khan.

On Friday morning, assuming Salman’s sentence would be confirmed, she had claimed that it was her that was behind the wheel of the car at the time of the accident and not Salman.

Farah Khal Ali with Salman Khan
Farah Khan Ali in good books of Salman, after her tweets

Asked where within the car Salman was sitting, she said, “Sallu bhai was never there in the car. It was I who caused the accident. Salman reached the spot later, just to check out the damage to his car. He then offered to help the victims but they refused.”

Another intelligent film personality, singer Abhijeet, who started the ‘Support Salman’ campaign along with Farah, too joined the fray saying, “I thought I was the one driving. But since Farahji has already claimed to have been driving, she must be right. I must have been drunk at that time and hence thought I was driving. Never mind, in any case it was not Sallu bhai.”

Asked about Salman having been seen coming out of the car at the accident spot, Abhijeet clarified, “Of course he was the first one to come out of the car. He was so concerned about the victims that he ran off to get help.”

When reminded of Farah’s claim that Salman was not in the car, Abhijeet said “Did she say so? Well, then he must have come out from the boot and not through the door. That way Farah could not have seen him.”

Meanwhile, subsequent to the suspension of the sentence, the court has decided to give time to all those people who want to claim to have been the driving Salman’s car, so that all of them can be sent to jail in one go.