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Family found producing trolls for generation

12, Jan 2014 By indianpsycho

Faking News has found a family that has been trolling people from ages. The family claims to be India’s first family as far as trolling is concerned. The family has been trolling India and its people since very long time now.

Centuries passed and the baton of trolling was passed from one generation to other in this family which enabled them to continue trolling people from Ancient to Medieval to Modern India.

The newest troll in the family, still learning the tricks of the trade, hence the improper face.
The newest troll in the family, still learning the tricks of the trade, hence the improper face.

“We come from a respectable family of trolls that gave birth to the art of trolling in India and we are proud to have managed to keep this art alive even when internet had not entered our lives,” the latest head of troll in the family hinted how trolling has become so easy in the age of internet.

“During ancient times our fore fathers would troll everybody by claiming 18 years as their age. They continued this even after becoming grand fathers,” the head told our reporter, “And you’d be surprised to know that one of our fore fathers, who now lives in Peshawar still continues to troll people there by making those claims.”

“Then came medieval period when our ‘family’ trolled people by sending requests through fake profiles on Orkut. Once the request was accepted we further trolled them by writing fake testimonials for them and displaying a level of sycophancy matched only by boot lickers of ‘another family’ in India,” the head went on to add leaving our reporter wondering if he made a mistake by calling Orkut a part of medieval history or if he was trolling our reporter this time.

“And as far as modern period is considered just yesterday my brother became a martyr in pursuance of this art. He wend to a doctor and told him that he has a kidney stone and should be operated. But when the doctor even after operating his entire body failed to locate any stone, my brother whose body was almost in pieces, got up, made a troll face at doctor and breathed his last,” he went on to state how the family has kept the art alive.

“But its only now that government of India is giving trolling the attention it deserves and our family is getting its due,” he said referring to the recent spate of arrests made by Kapil Sibal and co for trolling govt.

Meanwhile another family of emerging trolls from Gujarat claims that such type of dynastic trolling is destroying India as a nation and hence should be dethroned at all cost.