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Faced with prospect of watching Hate Story 2 or Kick on weekend, engineering students found actually studying

26, Jul 2014 By Vaibhav Anand

Mumbai. Post the release of Salman Khan’s latest movie ‘Kick’, engineering students faced with the prospect of watching the movie were found studying in hostels across the country.

Kick movie by Salman Khan
Worse than studying?

“First it is written by Chetan,” said Tadapit Kumar from his hostel in IIT Bombay, “so there is almost a 100% guarantee it is a bad story. Second, Taran Adarsh has given the movie a billion stars, which generally means that the movie is intolerable. So I am in my hostel room, studying the ‘Rotational Dynamics’ chapter from H. C. Verma, which I have begun to find extremely entertaining.”

“I saw the trailer of Kick and knew it was going to be a terrible movie that would go on to make 1000 crores,” Chaddha, Tadapit’s roommate said. “But thanks to Kick, everyone in our campus is studying without there being an exam the next day. I think this has to be some kind of record… Guinness nahin to Limca hee sahi.

In IIT Delhi, the scene was no different. “I was shocked,” Shuklaji, the librarian at IIT Delhi Campus. “Generally we get an average of five students every day – four of which are couples looking to spend quality time in free airconditioning. But today it seems the entire campus has come to the library.”

Itne log to exam time pe bhi nahin aate,” he added.