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Facebook R.I.P pages make celebrities create there own official ones

04, Dec 2013 By abhishake

On Sunday morning, a man crashed a Porsche Carrera GT that led to the creation of a Facebook page that went on to set a record for the most amount of likes in a day.

Marketing tool?
Marketing tool?

With a cover photo of like=R.I.P, the fastest growing page on Facebook R.I.P Paul Walker has now garnered over 2 million likes need less to say some guy lurking on the web all day in his pajamas made it possible and Facebook reportedly has files to the Guinness World Records firm to establish the same.

Rahul, Faking News correspondent reached out to the admin of the page and here’s what he had to say, “I was browsing around and all of a sudden all this hash tags of Paul Walker’s death ignited a spark in my brain and before you knew it, it was born. I confess, I am a hopeless Facebook addict, out of no where it struck me that I can get a million likes as his official page already had over 10 million likes so in all hopes I created the page , mind you, I faced stiff competition from fellow like mongerers but my page stood out, this is the best thing to have happened to me after recovering from piles recently for sitting too long.”

As the reporter opened his Facebook page to like it he was shocked on seeing that the page was created on 16th november contradictory to the admin’s statement that the page was actually created on 30th november.It also raised a question that he might be allegedly involved in manipulating the dynamics of the Porsche,the reporter tried to reach the admin but to no avail.

Our other correspondent touring in the city of California caught up with the actor’s manager ,who has a high profile list of celebrities in his portfolio and he said ” its a sad day ,I was not prepared for this and did not even have a page ready for him and I have to find the guy who has created the page and pay him off and acquire the rights to the page, for that I will have to get in touch with him and get back the page .Meanwhile all my other clients have already requesed me to be ready to publish there official death page on Facebook ” when asked of his clients he reportedly said “Morgan Freeman ,needs his page at the earliest ,I also have Angelina Jolie and other A list actors “as he scrambled to get hold of a laptop.

Reports of protest from Porsche fans in front of its HQ in Germany were also reported. The protest was said to be a direct cause of the accident as the protesters were not happy because Porsche had not tested the skills of the race driver (other person in the accident ) well enough to let him use the vehicle which is regared by many as the best road legal car since the wheel was invented.

The infamous page can be found here. P.S : He was a great actor and a greater man behnd the wheel.#respect