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F.I.R against 'Lord Krishna' for spreading communalism

16, Apr 2014 By pareshanatma

In startling turn of events, actor Saurabh Jain, who plays the character of Lord Krishna and Lord Vishnu in popular T.V. series, found himself booked for spreading communalism in national T.V. The F.I.R was lodged by prominent S.P leader Adharmi Insaan earlier on Friday.

In the interview with the reporter of Faking News, Adharmi Insaan said he was very disturbed by Saurabh Jain, who while in his character on national T.V, talked about importance of ‘Dharma’.

A communal god?
A communal god?

He maintained that in a secular country, there is absolutely no place for words and concepts like ‘DHARMA’ which were hurting the political sentiments of S.P  members and demanded that the show should be banned with immediate effect.

He even went on to say that he specifically changed his name given by his parents to ‘Adharmi’ to show his displeasure towards anything communal and will continue to spread adharm as per the party lines set by the party leaders.

Saurabh Jain too was contacted as soon the reports of the F.I.R was received. The actor seemed to be completely shattered. He claimed that he never intended to hurt anybody’s feeling and pleaded innocence since he had no say in the script writing.

Keeping the seriousness of matter in mind he offered to convince the producers to completely remove the ‘BHAGVAD GEETA’ part from the show since that part stresses on Dharma, which is completely unacceptable on secular as well as moral terms to majority of politicians

The producers, on the other hand, were unwilling to cut down any part of the show but were in favor of beeping out the word Adharm from rest of the series. The future of show until then is in doubts.