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Entrepreneur makes a fortune selling bindis to NCW

18, Apr 2013 By narealtimes

A man in Delhi has shown the way to good fortune, thanks to his burgeoning business as a bindi seller to members of National Commission for Wives(NCW). He has come up with an innovative idea of categorising bindis as X, XX, XXX and XXXL.

On asking him about the inspiration to hit this innovative idea, the entrepreneur earlier declined to any media interaction. It seems his media trial in the false cases made him averse to interviews.

The product matrix

After lot of persuasion, sharing his story, this man only known as Lal Bindu said, ‘Earlier I used to manufacture clean-chits for the CBI. I lost that government job after my wife filed false dowry harassment and domestic violence cases against me and I spent 2 weeks in jail along with each of my family members.

In due course of time and 3rd degree interrogation type mediations with the officials of National Commission for Wives, I realised that there is a definite pattern in the size of bindis they wear. The higher one climbs the organisation, the bigger is the bindi.’

He converted his clean chit business into bindi manufacturing and made huge business as all are stocking XXXL bindis. Upon questioning a member of NCW, on condition of anonymity, Sasta Garma admitted that size of bindis is the only important criteria to become chairperson of NCW.

‘All members buy bindis from Lalbindu and stock them as they aspire to be come chairperson. The member said, it actuality is a trade secret for success at NCW. People like Madu Vishwar are outcasts because of this important factor as they don’t wear them. I hope people like her, never realise this factor or else there is a danger to our kitty party members from holding important constitutional posts’, she said.

Lambi Jhulka, another member, agrees, ‘I used to wear XX bindis only rarely, that turned out to be the bad omen for my career as a politician, oops social worker. I was shunted out after some controversies, thereby I realised that bindi and hatred for logic are the only factors important in NCW.’

There is also a theory doing the rounds of NCW corridors that, Lalbindu uses carcinogenic chemicals in the bindis to avenge the injustice meted to him and his family. Lalbindu however declined to comment on this, albeit tongue-in-cheek. 😛

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