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Engineers in depression as no Game of Thrones episode this week

29, May 2014 By Pen10

In a development that has moved engineers across the country into depression, there was no Game of Thrones episode broadcast this week because it coincided with Memorial Day in the USA.

Game of Thrones
Lifeline of engineers.

Students in engineering campuses in India and engineers working all over the country wake up early every Monday to download the latest Game of Thrones episode which is broadcast on Sunday nights in the USA. But they woke up to a rude shock this Monday as there was no episode.

“My roommate was devastated,” a second year MTech student at IIT Delhi told us, “He was in shock and had to be shifted to the trauma care unit at AIIMS.” Game of Thrones is also said to compensate for the lack of female students on engineering campuses. We could not immediately ascertain the reason behind this.

Similar reports are coming in from across the country. An engineer working for an MNC in Bangalore has reportedly given up food. “He had gone to sleep happy that there would be a new episode in the morning. He even forgot that his boss had made him work on a Sunday,” his colleague and flatmate told us, “But when he discovered that there was no episode this week he could not take it any longer. He has not eaten or spoken anything since.”

Pirate sites reported a fall in daily traffic on that day. “We experienced a fall in traffic by at least 20%,” a pirate website owner told us on phone from Tonga. He is contemplating legal action against HBO for loss of business.

The BJP has meanwhile said that the only reason there was no episode this week was because Mr. Narendra Modi was being sworn in as the Prime Minister of India. “There could be no Game of Thrones episode,” BJP spokesperson Mrs. Nirmala Sitaraman told us, “On a day when Mr. Modi was ascending the throne of India.”