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Eminent geneticist and secularist Abu Azmi bags lead role in upcoming Mera Naam Joker sequel

06, May 2014 By psych0bar0n

Mumbai. RK Studios announced the muhurat of their upcoming movie ‘Mera Naam Joker : Preloaded’ , a sequel to the 1970s mega flopbuster ‘Mera Naam Joker’. Leading secular politician and DNA geneticist, Abu Azmi, will be acting in the lead role of a communal joker who makes people laugh with his nonsensical wisecracks.

“We were on the lookout for a new face which looked funny and could make people forget their worries with stupid, irrational dialogues and the first name that came to mind was Mr Abu Azmi,” said a spokesman for RK Studios.

Abu Azmi
On his way to studio.

To make the project a roaring success, R.K. Studios have roped in as director, India’s only multiple Academy Award winner, Uday Chopra. Completing the ensemble cast would be the most intelligent actress of this generation, Alia Bhatt. The producers also pulled of a coup of sorts by roping in Azam Khan, Giriraj Singh and BeniPrasad Verma for guest appearances as peace loving Buddhist monks.

A visibly pleased Abu Azmi declared that he would do his best to make the movie a success by coming up with more ridiculous statements. “As soon as we have conducted a DNA test of all the crew, spot-boys and technicians to identify their religion, we will start shooting for the movie,” said Mr Azmi to reporters of the DNA Times outside the Goregaon forensic sciences office.

According to our sources, the dance sequences will be shot extensively in Norway where Mr Azmi is scheduled to go next month to receive a belated Nobel Prize in Medicine for his new discoveries about human DNA; the Nobel committee named Mr Azmi for the award after original winners Watson and Crick surrendered their medals after being shocked by Mr Azmi’s findings.

Mera Naam Joker Preloaded is scheduled for a Diwali release and is heading for a direct competition with the Dr. Praveen Togadia starrer ‘Communal Bhai MBBS’