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Eminem: 'Honey Singh is my idol'

02, Jun 2014 By rahulchaphalkar

New Delhi. World renowned music icon and rapper, Eminem, claimed today that the Indian rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh was his idol, and had always been his inspiration.

“He has always been an inspiration and my virtual rap guru,” Eminem told Faking News, “He taught me to be strong. Even when thousands of people constantly ridicule him and his songs, he ignores them completely and instead makes public statements like “I am the youth icon.”

Honey Singh
“Koi nahi mere aage”

When asked about Honey Singh’s comment a few months back claiming himself to be the Eminem of India, Eminem replied that he was honored and overwhelmed by such a comparison.

“This is a very great and undeserving honor for me. It even surpasses the Oscar I had won back in 2003 for one of my songs. Honey Singh Sir’s comment is priceless for me,” he said.

When asked Honey Singh for his comments, he said that he wasn’t surprised at all, and wished Eminem good luck.

“Yo, I’m sure there are millions of people around the world who consider me as their idol. I wish Eminem all the best, Yo, and advice him to take a leaf from my book and come up with deep and meaningful lyrics for his raps. Also, he should dress stylishly like me, Yo, if he wishes to be as successful as me,” said Yo Yo Honey Singh.

Honey Singh then also made a comparison between Leonardo DiCaprio and himself, asserting both of them hadn’t won an Oscar till date in spite of being extremely deserving, but said that he remained hopeful of receiving the prestigious award in the near future.