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Eminem hears Yo Yo Honey Singh, decides to quit and give him all his Grammys

22, Mar 2014 By Devang Pathak

He wanted to quit after listening to 50 Cent. Now Eminem has met his match and is ready to bid adieu. The so called “God Of Rap” is leaving everything to crown his successor, who he believes will obliterate everything he and Dr Dre worked for.

Honey Singh
Eminem bhi dekho baby Yo Yo ka fan hai

The retirement is immediate and at the time of talking to us, the movers were busy shipping his Grammys , MTV awards and the Oscar to Yo Yo.

“I had heard his name before and didn’t feel anything. Then I heard ‘Blue hain Paani’. It made me feel ashamed. He is a genius poet who wrote about water. What have I done? Talk about bullying, culture, courage, drugs and my family. I don’t deserve any of the awards or titles. It is the age of catchy tunes and beats. I am an old school rapper who still thinks that words matter. Shame on me. I am f#8king dinosaur and its time for me to leave.”

Eminem is not the first victim of the new “Yo Yo Wave”. Snoop Dogg has decided to just enjoy “4:20” for the rest of his life. Kendrick Lamar is frustrated and angry as this has not been a good year for him.

After losing to Macklemore (who has now decided to shield himself from Yo Yo by returning to Seattle), he is now facing criticism for trying to make sense in his rap.

Meanwhile, other rappers are trying to prolong their careers by trying to add a children’s toy as a prefix to their name. Some names being thrown around are- ” Cho Cho” Wayne, “Monopoly” Drake and “Teddy” Cent.

No one knows what the future holds, but it’s clear that words, sense and music are the least important things right now in the rap industry.