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Ekta Kapoor to direct ‘Kahaani Lok Sabha ki’

13, Dec 2012 By Alienman

The saas-bahu sitcoms are soon to be replaced by sarkari babu blues. A source close to Ekta Kapoor, on the condition that he would not be kept anonymous, (FYI: it was Tusshar Kapoor, whom this less than fortunate correspondent has the misfortune to run into at one of the posh and swanky malls, where apparently he was releasing his clothing line, and the correspondent, who earlier in the day had his path crossed by a black cat, was the only guy worth his time present) has revealed that Ekta Kapoor, after successfully catering to the demands of Sakuni like, back-stabbing and back-bitching bahus and also the young delinquents, eager to take their life at the earliest possible opportunity, has now plans to take the Capital by storm.

Ekta Kapoor
Ekta ready with another serial

“She is closely watching the proceedings in Lok sabha and Rajya sabha,” whispered Tusshar conspiratorially, “She thinks that the ruckus that F.D.I. in retail has generated in both the houses may provide rich content for her writers (known for their tear jerking, voluble Hindi spitting abilities).”

While it looks like that the Winter Session may also be washed out as a deluge that was the Monsoon session, with hardly any bill worth the discussion being passed, Ekta is hoping to garner the highest possible TRP with her new serial which would revolve around the life of a wannabe (Opposition) Member of Parliament, who believes it to be his fundamental duty to follow the party whip, and in the serial he would be seen strategizing some neat walkouts from the house to hog the media limelight and thinking up of creative reasons as to why his party was opposing a particular bill. It seems that Ekta has roped in Smriti Irani and Ronit Roy to play vital characters in the serial.

“Ekta wanted Smriti to fill in Ms. Sonia Gandhi’s shoes. But of course, ahem, given her party affiliations, she would play the role of the Leader of Opposition, Sushma Swaraj,” Tusshar disclosed.

When asked what role Ronit Roy would be playing, Tusshar smiled and said, “Arvind Kejriwal”.

It would indeed be interesting to see how this serial pans out. While the serial is still in the initial stages of production, it has aroused strong passions with people defending and opposing the making of the serial.

While Digvijay called Ekta “an opportunistic lady, not caring for sensitivities of the nation”, Anna Hazare was quick to defend Ekta saying that, “it’s an idea whose time has come”.

Of course how the likes of Digvijay Singh and Anna Hazare came to know about it even before Faking News reported it is anyone’s guess, but one hears from other sources, who also did not want to be kept anonymous (though due to their constant pestering, this correspondent will keep them anonymous), that Ekta is doing the rounds of Delhi and is in close contact with the Aam Admi Party in want of the latest scoop. With big bucks behind her, she has asked them not to reveal the ‘Devil of the Week’ before she had televised it and rendered them in a shade absolutely black. AAP is predictably eager as this would bring in the much needed but hardly spoken about party money to bolster their chances in the elections and keep them in constant media glare (as even Saas, Bahu and Saazish would be eager about Ekta’s serial) .

Before escaping, this correspondent for Faking News asked Tusshar as by what name this serial would be called.

Tusshar replied, “This serial is yet to be named but ‘Kahaani Lok sabha/ Rajya Sabha Ki’ and ‘Laaga Coalgate ka daagh’ are being mulled over.”