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Ekta Kapoor announces "Kyunki… Bahu Bhi Kabhi Saas Thi", a sequel to "Kyunki…Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi"

16, Jun 2014 By jonivestal

Ekta Kapoor is back in the fray to spoil the women folks of the country with another magnum opus – the sequel to her mega television hit Kyunki… Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi.

Aptly titled Kyunki… Bahu Bhi Kabhi Saas Thi, the serial will mark the return of the ageless Baa, actress Sudha Shivpuri as a Bahu of Tulsi Virani to be played again by Smriti Irani.

Ekta kapoor
“There is nothing I can’t do”

One of the top Hollywood makeup artists – Brandon Patchup is being specially flown in to help Sudha Shivpuri look her part as the young Bahu while Hrithik Roshan’s personal trainer will help Sudha shed all the extra kilos to make her look glamourous and fit.

Sudha on her part has started using tons of Botox to reverse age gracefully and has gone on a strict diet of McBurgers and Fries to tone down to a zero size figure.

For the first time in the history of the ‘K’ serials, a Saas will be making a comeback to the teleserial as a Bahu.

Ekta whose name features in the Guiness Record Books for having the maximum number of reincarnations, lost-and-found family members, large number of plastic surgery characters, dead-to-alive characters, etc. is quite excited to set a new benchmark with this unique story.

Speaking on the occasion, the sequel’s writer Mr. Jonivestal said that while they will do away with most of the senseless characters from the prequel, they will retain all the popular characters including the star characters of Tulsi Virani, Mihir Virani and Amba Virani as the wife of Jiten Virani who is a new entry on the show. However the genre of the sequel will gradually shift from drama to romance to supernatural to action (yes Baa in a new avatar will have a few fight sequences with Tulsi and both are learning Tai Chi) to Drama and back to supernatural.

The story briefly goes that a young man, Jiten Virani one fine day turns up at the Virani house saying he’s the surrogate child of the couple born overseas while they were happily frolicking in India.

While the couple try to unravel this mystery, other members of the Virani family start to doubt Mihir Virani and term him characterless transforming Tulsi in a Kali avatar. Relationships sour and in walks a svelte looking and a cheerful Amba who claims to be reincarnation of Amba/Baa. The ladies of the house are hesitant to accept the new Amba as their Baa. In order to overcome the dicey situation, Tulsi more-than-happily marry her off to Jiten, their so-called surrogate child.

But all is not well between the new bahu and the old saas as Bahu keeps getting visions of glorious days of her previous life. She now wants to dominate the house proceedings like she did in her previous life as Baa and have the last say. Will Bahu succeed to take over the reins of the Virani family? Will Tulsi Virani manage to thwart the reincarnated Baa’s evil take-over plans? Will Jiten’s true identity be revealed? Or is Mihir Virani unravel Jiten’s birth pangs? Will the men of the house start going to work? Will the women of the house start going to bed sans and jewelry and in a nightie? Will the millions of characters in each scene stop hamming and start giving more expressions for each shocking scene? All these form the crux of the serial.

When Faking News spoke to Baa aka Sudha Shivpuri, a visibly excited Sudha couldn’t control her tears. She said her return to the iconic show as a younger version of Baa will help the sequel run for another 10 years. This will ensure women empowerment as the households across the length and breadth of the country will come to a standstill as women will collectively stay glued to their favorite television show.

The show is scheduled to go on air around Diwali with about 15 episodes centering around the Diwali celebrations.

Currently the production team are trying to convince Mr. Sudhir Dalvi to play the character of young Jiten Virani. Last seen as Baa’s husband Paa in the prequel, this will be one casting coup of the century. As soon as Sudhir manages to scribble his signature on the dotted line, the show will go on floors.

Numerology wise, the pairing of Sudhir and Sudha (S & S) has received the blessings of  Baba Phuntuk Bangali.

Meanwhile Smriti Irani who played the character of Tulsi Virani refused to comment on the new show.