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Dummies guide to "Being a Cool Nerd" by Sheldon Cooper

01, Aug 2014 By Kishore

Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang theory is a well-loved character worldwide.

Inspired by the Sheldon’s character, a new life coach program called Cool Cooper by The Good Life had been launched by no other than scientist, Former President of India as well as fondly called Indian Einstein, A P J Abdul Kalam who stated, “There are so many stereotypes associated with  studious industrious and serious individuals, especially professionals like doctors, engineers, software developers, researchers and scientists, some of them true, so it’s very important to develop their personality as well as social skills and this course will help them embrace their geeky side yet have a well-rounded social life, just like an extreme intellecual like Sheldon Cooper has, making them happier and better adjusted individuals.”

Inspiring many.

‘Cool Cooper’ is a 36 week-long, retreat based course designed for “people with sever to limited social skills but high IQ” according to Dr Charles Thimbot, director of the newly created course Cool Cooper. Costing around 25000 UD the course will be conducted in The Good Life’s Santa Fe, Hollywood, New York and New Mexico retreats in US;  faculties in Wales and Brighton in UK; Paris and Zurich in EU; Shanghai in China, Macau and shocking everyone in the a building owned by Taj Group on the lake side of the Lake Palace in Udaipur in India.

The Good Life is a multimillion dollar life management company that runs high-end courses like Shine (personality development), Piece of Peace (emotional management), The Good Life TM (lifestyle development), Ducking to Swan (grooming coaching), Finding Prince Charming (matrimonial & dating services) , Polish&Pride (for sophistication and stature) and Hollywood’s latest fad, Reinvent (grooming, beauty and cosmetic corrections), Loving Thyself (for self-destructive personalities) in twelve countries and 19 high-end retreat teaching facilities.

As the material has been developed by a yearlong study based on observations and interactions  students of six IITs in India, the Cool Cooper had been offered to Indians who qualify for the criteria of being ‘geeky enough’ at a special price of Rs5 lakhs only.

Designed to make ‘geeks and nerds’ cool the course also offers help to people who are control freaks, germaphobes, lack of social skills and humor, and/ or indulge in idiosyncratic and narcissistic behaviour, obsessive–compulsive personality disorder, emotionally inept, intellectually superior, rigidly logical, eccentricities, unable to make friends or social connections just like the character Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang.

Over 5000 Engineers, Doctors, IAS and students have already been shortlisted for the course in 48 hours of it being launched.

David Gopolarishnan (29) a software developer for Infosys, with an IQ of 145, has been selected for the first batch of the Indian course. Rather excited David said, “my kids think I am uncool, my friends are all from work and all we do is talk about work, I hope after this Course I can make friends outside work and my wife ,who can’t really relate to me will enjoy my company, and my kids will no longer feel I am simply a nerd and feel embarrassed of me at social functions.”

Mrs Makheja also enrolled her son, IIT aspirant 23-year-old Karan Makheja in Cool Cooper stating, “It’s well worth the investment as my son is very serious and studious but we realized he  has been bullied because of his studious nature and is uncomfortable and shy in public function and barely has any friends outside his sphere of interests and one day be a normal husband and father rather than a intelligent but socially cut off individual he has become.”

Ghurham Ghai (26) is also excited. An IAS aspirant he has studied non-stop for the last ten years and now feels, “I am so much like Sheldon but unlike the show, in my life I feel left out and that my life is incomplete. Girls ignore me, my friends have fun at my expense and call me a kitabikeeda and I just don’t know how to have fun though I want to but I just don’t know how to, so I hope this course will help me.”

So if you are the smartest person you know but can’t get a girlfriend, don’t get invited to the cool kids parties, look like a fashion disaster, don’t understand others, other people showing emotion can make you uncomfortable and if Sheldon cooper is who you can relate to, help is here – be it grooming, conversational skills, social interaction, emotional responses, wardrobe makeover, how to get the girl of your dreams anything and everything that turns you from just another weird geeky nerd to a cool liked attractive enigmatic weird geeky nerd just like Sheldon Cooper, the international cool nerd from the Big Bang Theory!

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