Thursday, 22nd March, 2018

DR. Mashoor Gulati officially appointed as physio of Indian cricket team

23, Apr 2017 By TORAN LAL VERMA

The most qualified doctor in India; DR. Mashoor Gulati has been appointed as physio of Indian cricket team rightly at the time when team is facing various fitness issues.

Remembering the time when he bowled with broken jaw, the head coach Anil Kumble talked about the importance of laughing with broken jaw. Also it is expected that the forthcoming Ind vs Aus series will be full of sledging and due to that it becomes important to have someone who can restrict  captain Virat kohli’s anger and can dance with in the evening after such  a ‘busy day’.

After the news of appointment #Aisekonappointkartahaibhai  is trending on twitter. Some sources also believe that Chandu Chaiwala is upset with this appointment and has challenged this decision in court stating that team India has rejected his application of Drinks Boy and is using Ajinkya Rehane as Drinks boy without proper appointment.